Technology Partners

Committed to an open architecture design, 3VR actively collaborates with security solutions providers to empower security system integrators and end-users with a wider selection of enhanced offerings.

Technology Partners

Security professionals need video surveillance solutions that are responsive and highly scalable to address their increasingly diverse and unique issues.

3VR’s certified partnerships with leading hardware and software manufacturers enable us to combine the strengths of our award-winning video management platform with other sophisticated technologies.

Become a 3VR technology partner today; contact us today.

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3VR actively collaborates with leading technology partners to ensure seamless integration and to increase visibility of our products through joint sales and marketing efforts. By creating even more powerful, easy-to-deploy and time-saving solutions, we provide security system integrators increased choice and flexibility when designing security systems and ultimately greater value for end-users.

Technology partners can expect a versatile framework for integration development and we currently offer integrations of solutions for manufacturers in the following categories.

  • Camera Support

  • Access Control

  • ATM & Teller platforms

  • Central Station

  • Point-of-Sale (POS)

  • Exception-based Reporting

  • Government Agencies

Our software development kit (SDK) with open standards-based API makes integration with third-party systems possible and we welcome your enquiries regarding other categories of partnerships.

To find out more about integrations, click here or one of the next tabs on this page.

3VR supports all analog cameras and a wide variety of IP cameras. Check out the Camera Integration page for general information about camera support.


ACTI Arecont Axis Bosch Security Systems Canon Costar Video Systems DRS EverFocus Bosch Extreme CCTV Oncam Grandeye Hikvision Honeywell DVTel IoImage IQinvision Innovative Security Designs Mobotix Nuvico Oncam Panasonic Pelco Samsung Sanyo ScallopImaging Sentry 360 Sony Sunell Security ViewZ Vivotek

Scalable, Feature-Packed Access Control Solution

Leading access control providers can take advantage of 3VR's award-winning video surveillance platform for a scalable, feature-packed integrated security solution. Partners will benefit from 3VR’s innovative monitoring, search and analytics capabilities, and provide end-users greater visibility into organizational activity, the misuse of access cards, and the ability to view all access events in a particular area. Compatible with many alarm panels and systems, 3VR provides a solution that is remarkably easy to integrate and deploy, regardless of the scale of your initiative.

End-users looking for an efficient, time-saving area control system can deploy a wide variety of applications on our powerful platform for decreased investigation times, and streamlined event detection and management. Through the seamless integration of our technologies and combined sales and marketing efforts, we create powerful new solutions in access control that we can bring to market more effectively and cost-efficiently.

Our Access Control Partners

DMP Lenel Surview Systems 3VR SoftwareHouse Integration Pacom

Faster ATM & Teller Fraud Investigations with 3VR Search & Analytics

With the proliferation of check fraud, ATM skimming and other types of crime targeting banks across the country, banks and other financial institutions need a powerful video surveillance platform that helps to decrease investigation times and is quickly customizable to existing infrastructure.

We work with our ATM and Teller platform partners to provide a robust system that not only satisfies regulatory requirements, but also delivers results for the fastest, comprehensive criminal investigations and remarkable fraud reduction. Join other industry leaders by integrating with 3VR and offer your customers more potent searches, built-in facial and license plate recognition, case management, health monitoring, and an intuitive user interface.

Our ATM and Teller Platform Partners

fiserv DIEBOLD Seproban

Effortless and Secure Data Integration with any Third-Party System

Leveraging our partners’ existing platforms with 3VR’s patented video search engine, video analytics and other powerful tools in our video surveillance system, we maximize and translate the captured data into searchable and easy-to-use information, providing more efficient investigations and value-added business insights into customer behavior. Our partnerships allow us to offer more ways for security professionals and organizations to operate more efficiently, more cost-effectively and advance the industry toward greater interoperability and mindshare.

In addition to partners in Camera Support, Access Control and ATM & Teller platforms, we work with manufacturers in the following fields.

Central Station

SureView Systems

Network Video Recorder


Point-Of-Sale (POS)

Sennco Sennco

For other manufacturers who wish to collaborate with 3VR, please email your inquiries to 3VR provides effortless and secure integration with any third-party system, using a Software Development Kit (SDK) with an open standards-based API.