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3VR Video Analytics

In retail, business decisions must often be made quickly based on information on hand. 3VR uses advanced video analytics that allow retailers to optimize operations,responding quickly to customer needs and market trends, and generate business value by transforming raw data into real-time, actionable insights. Through an interactive Dashboard, you can harness real-time in-store analytics to create a personalized, omni-channel experience, capturing shopper interest at every touchpoint. Get the answers you need to make the best decisions for your business and customers.

How 3VR Customer Insights will benefit your organization:

  • Track your vital store data in one place. Our detailed graphs analyze changes in traffic, conversion rate, shopping time and more, and match these against your business goals.
  • Use the insights gained from real-time data to segment your audiences and products. With actionable intelligence, you can make business decisions that cater to your specific market segments.
  • Set indicators to monitor the status of your goals. Our goal indicators alert you when you are on or off target, and when something needs your attention, minimizing risks and surprises.
  • Test ideas and increase conversions. Find out which displays deliver the best results – giving you more insight and opportunity for revenue. Avoid assumptions and benefit from informed decisions.
  • Compare reports from multiple stores, or sets of related data. With this information, you can identify differentiators and opportunities, and eliminate variables in your decision-making process.
  • To stay competitive, seek new ways to deliver the most value and revenue. With easy access to 24-hour intelligence, you can adjust goals and respond quickly to customer needs and market trends.

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Traffic Analysis Conversion Rate Demographics


Conversion Rate


Measure the number of customers who enter your stores

Measure sales conversions based on shopper traffic and revenue

Measure shopper traffic percentage by age and gender

Shoppting Time Queue Management Display Wall End Cap

Shopping Time

Queue Management

Display Wall/End Cap

View the average shopping time of your customer base

Measure queue lengths at the register for more accurate staffing

Measure effectiveness of promotions by how long customers dwell in front of displays

Storeview Heatmap  




Get visual intelligence from live store video, video storyboards, and at-a-glance real-time reports

Understand the traffic flow of your customers and gain invaluable path-to-purchase data




VisionPoint™ Dashboard Storepacks

3VR's video intelligence technology takes retail stores to the next level with deep, real-time insights into shopper behavior and store operations. Using 3VR's best-in-class Video Intelligence Platform, VisionPoint Dashboard offers an end-to-end retail optimization solution. Combined with award-winning loss prevention features, the 3VR solution converts your brick-and-mortar location into the Intelligent Store.

Storepack1 Storepack2 Storepack3




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