3VR People Counter

The 3VR People Counter combines with the 3VR VisionPoint™ Dashboard to provide real-time in-store metrics at the tip of your fingers.

3VR People Counter

Gain powerful insights into customer behaviors including Traffic, Demographics, Shopping Time, Heatmap, Conversion Rate and Dwell Analysis information. When people count, 3VR People Counter and 3VR VisionPoint™ Dashboard offer a robust and reliable solution for capturing actionable insights.

Redefining precision for counting people, the 3VR People Counter accurately counts your in-store traffic. Counting error correction formulas and fine tuning are not necessary. Receive high-precision counting data right from the start. Thanks to the automatic brightness control, unfavorable and changing lighting or shadows do not affect counting accuracy.

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3VR People Counter

High Accuracy Data. Immediately.

  • Reliable traffic and conversion rates.
  • Accurate and actionable figures for marketing strategies.
  • More efficient staff planning.
  • More efficient room layout.
  • Easy to Install and Configure

  • Remote configuration and maintenance is possible via Web interface.
  • Large monitoring area.
  • Balancing of floors.
  • Distinguishes between a floor‘s entrance, a floor’s exit and people moving through on an escalator.
  • Accurate Counts Under Varying Conditions

  • Detect people who enter and immediately turnaround to avoid false counts and increase accuracy.
  • Unfavorable, variable lighting or shadow do not affect the counting accuracy. The counter’s exceptional quality is a direct result of 3VR’s unique expertise in image processing and 3D camera technology.
  • Counting people’s entry and exit on a definable counting line (polygon).
  • Fully resistant to interference such as moving shadows, light reflections or small objects.
  • Variable position of counting lines. Adaptation to on-site requirements.
  • ery precise counting; no one is left out when counting large crowds.
  • Technical Data

    Operating nominal voltage Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af, PD class 0) 36 .. 57 V DC
    Power consumption (PD class 0) 4 W (additional 2.5 W using USB port)
    EMC Directive 2004/108/EC,
    2004-12-15 (EN 55022: 2010; EN55024: 2010)
    FCC 47 CFR Part 15B
    Operating temperature -13 °F to +158 °F
    Storage temperature -40 °F to +158 °F
    Installation height 8.2' to 19.6'
    Monitored area 26' x 26'


    Dimension (LxWxH) 9.3" x 3.8" x 1.45"
    Housing with cover Aluminum
    Degree of protection IP 40
    Weight 1.3 lbs.
    Illuminance (at least) 30 Lux


    Ethernet 3100BaseT, PoE, RJ45
    Logical protocol SOAP/XML, Message API, IBIS, SNMP and data recording upload via FTP/SFTP
    USB port USB 1.1, type host


    Hood for surface mounting Available separately

    Version: 01/2015. Specifications to change without notice.