2000-Series NVRs

The 2000-series network video recorder's (NVR) compact form-factor and 55°C operating temperature makes it ideal for kiosks and other small installations.

2000-Series NVRs

The 2000-series is a powerful recorder packed into a compact case that can fit in your hand. It is a reliable solution using a solid-state hard drive, low power, including a 3-year warranty on hardware, and has the ability to connect to a 3VR Enterprise Server for further expandability.

Preloaded with VisionPoint™ VMS video management software, the 2000-series offers seamless integration with POS, Access Control, ATM, Teller, and other external systems. When combined with 3VR's award-winning analytics, the backbone of 3VR's powerful forensic search capabilities, the 2000-series becomes an even more powerful solution providing business intelligence and the ability to find suspects and evidence fast.

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Compact Recording Solution

  • Includes 2 IP camera licenses
  • Expand system capacity by adding more IP camera licenses. Up to 12 IP licenses are supported.
  • Mix and match IP, megapixel, and PTZ cameras for maximum flexibility.
  • High-quality audio and video storage using MPEG-4 or H.264 compression.
  • 256GB storage included in a stylish compact case that can fit in your hand.
  • Seamless Integration

  • Integrates with POS, Access Control, ATM, Teller other external systems. Custom integration available.
  • Most major camera manufacturers connect to 3VR systems.
  • Enterprise Performance

  • Use as part of a large enterprise system, or as a standalone NVR. Enterprise server optional.
  • Video Management

  • VisionPoint™ VMS video management software included, featuring 3VR’s award-winning interface.
  • Case Management, Forensic Search, Live Monitoring, and much more. VisionPoint™ VMS datasheet.
  • IP Camera Support

    IP/MP Cameras Supported Yes
    Maximum Resolution 10+ megapixels
    Number of IP Cameras Supported 12 IP cameras
    Video Codec Support H.264/MPEG-4/MJPEG
    Maximum Images per Second 30ips/ch
    IP PTZ Support Yes


    IP Camera Audio Support Yes
    IP Supported Codecs AAC, G.711

    Systems and Network Management

    Bandwidth Throttling Yes
    Bandwidth Scheduling Yes
    Adaptive Bandwidth Use Yes, image-only transmission
    Remote Connection TCP/IP (IPv4)
    Simultaneous Remote Connections Unlimited
    Remote System Configuration &Management and Health Monitoring Yes
    Enterprise Configuration, Management, Health Monitoring and Health Alerting Optional with Enterprise Appliance or VisionPoint™ Enterprise Server
    UPS Support Yes, APC Smart UPS model


    Video Management VisionPoint™ VMS
    Software Version Supports version 7.2 or above
    Resource Units 12

    Third-Party Integration

    Third-party Data Integration (e.g. ATM, POS, Access Control, etc.) Yes


    Storage Capacity JBOD: 256GB
    Drive Type Solid-State Drive (SSD)

    Version: 04/2014. Specifications to change without notice.

    Inputs and Outputs

    Type of Camera Inputs IP, MP, and PTZ cameras supported.
    Monitor Output 2 x HDMI
    Display Resolution Up to 1600 x 1200
    SpotMonitor 1 x HDMI or 1 x BNC via optional adaptor
    Network (NIC) 1 x 1Gb Ethernet port
    USB 1 front/2back (2.0)
    Alarm Inputs / Outputs Via optional dongle
    Serial Port N/A
    DVD-RW Optional USB Drive
    Keyboard and Mouse Optional


    Dimension (HxWxD) 4.6" x 4.4" x 1.5" (117mm x 112mm x 39mm)
    Unit Weight TBD
    Shipping Weight TBD
    Mounting Included VESA mounting bracket

    Environmental and Warranty

    Operating Temperature 32° ~ 131° F (0° ~ 55° C)
    Heat Dissipation TBD
    Humidity TBD
    Storage Conditions -4° ~ 158° F (-20° ~ 70° C)
    Hardware Warranty 3 years


    Power 19V, 65W External DC Power Adapter (100-240 VAC)

    Version: 04/2014. Specifications to change without notice.