Third-Party Integrations

Security system integrators and end-users can expect secure and easy integration of the 3VR platform with existing infrastructure for the most powerful, cost-effective custom video surveillance solutions.

3VR Third-Party Integrations

Most customers looking for a security solution already have an existing infrastructure of widely disparate elements. Almost all end-users have established Access Control and Alarm systems for their businesses. When you add industry-specific platforms – such as ATM & Teller or Point-of-Sale (POS) – in the mix, the decision to upgrade to a new video surveillance solution can be a difficult one.

Security system integrators and end-users alike can take advantage of 3VR’s existing integrations with leading manufacturers in a broad number of industries to design a powerful, cost-effective yet easy-to-deploy custom video surveillance solution to address a wide range of security or business challenges. Whether customers are planning a full or partial migration to IP, or a combination of varying solutions for their businesses, they can expect secure and easy integration of our simple yet comprehensive 3VR video security platform with their current systems.

3VR data integration 3VR camera integration

Data Integration

Camera Integration

3VR integrates with Access Control, Central Station, POS, Exception-based Reporting, Sensor, and ATM & Teller systems, equipping customers with enhanced, ready-made offerings. Benefit from faster deployment times and a wider selection of custom solutions.
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3VR supports analog and a wide range of IP cameras. Many IP cameras have been tested and verified in our labs for compatibility with our video management platform. We also offer many drivers that conform to industry standards and manufacturer specifications. Read more

Our Extensive Network of Technology Partners

3VR Technology Partners

We collaborate closely with leading hardware and software manufacturers in a broad number of industries to provide even more powerful, easy-to-deploy and time-saving security solutions. By having certified integration modules in place, we offer security systems integrators increased choice and flexibility when designing security systems and greater value for end-users. Find out more about our Technology Partner program.

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