Video Analytics

Available on 3VR's video intelligence platform is the industry's most advanced, comprehensive range of analytics, allowing users to capture, index and search faces, license plates, objects, colors and more.

3VR Video Analytics

3VR video surveillance solutions offer analytics such as Facial Surveillance, Advanced Object Tracking, License Plate Recognition, Dwell and Loitering, People Counting, Queue Management Analysis, and Demographics. Our analytics program works with IP, analog and megapixel cameras and is tightly integrated with data and search, which means no separate hardware is needed and results are ready immediately. You can easily download video analytics and activate with license keys to run the software on your 3VR video security system - even a year after you've purchased a 3VR system.

How 3VR Video Analytics will benefit your organization:

  • Optimize customer service and operations with valuable business intelligence from your existing video data
  • Increase ROI using insights from your existing infrastructure to drive marketing and merchandising decisions
  • Recognize threats, based on triggers using facial surveillance, advanced object tracking and license plate recognition
  • Reduce investigation time from hours to minutes with a centralized, searchable database that includes powerful crime investigation analytics
  • Protect against rising cost of video security solutions with built-in video analytics that are easy to install without the need for additional hardware
  • Meet compliance requirements for submitting suspicious activity reports within mandated time periods
  • analytics datasheet  Download 3VR Retail Optimization Analytics Datasheet

    analytics datasheet  Download 3VR Crime Investigation Analytics Datasheet



    facial recognition button license plate recognition button advanced object tracking button
    Facial Surveillance
    License Plate Recognition
    Advanced Object Tracking

    Reduce investigation times with 3VR’s highly accurate Facial Surveillance analytic and robust search capabilities. Read more

    Stop crime and reduce vehicle-related liability. Read more

    Instantly find what you are looking for by capturing motion, direction, speed, color and size. Read more

    Video Analytics Demographics button Queue Line button  
    Queue Management Analysis

    Better understand your customers and identify them by age and gender. Read more

    Monitor customer lines for different times of day at different locations. Read more

    Video Analytics People Counting Dwell Time button  
    People Counting
    Dwell Time & Loitering

    Count customers that enter your stores and determine optimal staffing levels for peak customer periods. Read more

    Measure the performance of marketing displays with revolutionary insight into customer behavior. Read more

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