Advanced Object Tracking

3VR’s Advanced Object Tracking analytic captures key signatures such as motion, direction, speed, color and size – allowing organizations to instantly search for and find video.

Product Details: 

A core video analytics feature, Advanced Object Tracking enables security personnel to build stronger cases for law enforcement by including video of vehicles by color or direction.

Combined with other analytics, such as Facial Surveillance and License Plate Recognition, you can better protect your entry ways and ensure faster investigation times.

document  Download Crime Investigation Analytics Datasheet.

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Key Benefits

  • Capture, index and search by color, size, direction, and motion

  • Create business alerts, and manage watchlists by zone, direction, color, size or speed

  • Protect entry ways to facilities, parking facilities, or outside banks with alerting based on size, direction or speed of vehicles

  • Enforce better traffic management in emergency parking zones outside a hospital or critical area by establishing business alerts and managing watchlists
  • 3VR's NVRs and HVRs support embedded video analytics and do not require the purchase of additional hardware
  • 3VR video analytics are available as software channel packs that can be easily downloaded and activated with license keys.
  • 3VR video analytics can work with analog, IP, or megapixel cameras.
  • Each 3VR NVR or HVR is designed for a different level of 3VR video analytics support. Consult a 3VR expert to determine the ideal 3VR video recorder to meet your analytic needs.