3VR's Demographics analytic gives you insight into who your customers are by identifying foot traffic by age and gender.

Available as a premium add-on to any 3VR system, the 3VR Demographics Analytic helps you optimize your marketing strategy by counting customers and identifying them by age and gender.

Compare counting report against POS transactions, understand foot traffic conversion, and empower your organization with valuable business intelligence.

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Key Benefits

  • Count customers and identify them by age and gender

  • Gain valuable intelligence to better understand what merchandise to stock

  • Compare counting report against point-of-sale (POS) transactions to understand foot traffic conversion

  • Run reports over time to gain business intelligence

  • Test advertisements by understanding what demographics respond to the ad.

  • 3VR makes it easy for you to deploy on your existing 3VR NVR or HVR, manage the installation locally or from a central location, and maintain the solution with remote health checks