License Plate Recognition

3VR’s License Plate Recognition analytic provides powerful tools that stop crime and reduce vehicle-related liability. Combined with 3VR Search, even partial license plates can easily be located and tracked.

Product Details: 

Improve general surveillance by cataloging license plate information for parking lots, drive-up windows and entry gates to allow security teams to search quickly and find evidence on a person or suspicious activity.

The 3VR video surveillance platform comes with a standard version of license plate recognition; a premium version is available as an add-on feature.

 Download 3VR License Plate Recognition Reference Sheet

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Key Benefits

  • Capture, index, and catalog license plate events

  • Search for, track, and set alerts for vehicles using similarity searching

  • Build and manage watch lists of license plates

  • Proactively protect against repeat offenders or persons of interest by setting alerts for previously identified perpetrators

    License Plate Capture Optimization

    LPR sites should be at choke points where traffic stops or moves less than 20 mph (e.g.
    toll booth, vehicle gate, stop sign). 3VR LPR supports US and most International plates

    Analog or IP cameras. For IP cameras, video quality must be set to “highest” (if there is no video quality setting, set to lowest compression). Use wide dynamic range cameras for outdoor lighting situations.

    Uniform lighting is ideal. Outdoor lighting situations should employ wide dynamic range cameras. Backlighting (bright conditions behind the car) will negatively affect performance.

    Choose either vertical or horizontal mounting option:
    • Vertical — Camera should be directly above the lane of traffic.
    • Horizontal — Camera should be mounted at the same height as the license plates.
    • Diagonal (both at the side and above) mounting is not recommended.
    • Field of View — For accurate recognition of North American plates, license plate characters should be 30 pixels high or greater.