People Counting

The 3VR People Counting analytic helps organizations optimize staffing levels, manage stock levels, measure traffic in key areas like customer service, returns or changing rooms.

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Video Analytics People Counting 3VR provides organizations with new targeted, actionable insights with the same system they use to solve cases and protect assets. Use this value-added information to enhance operational performance and improve safety.

Calculate true conversion rates with advance reporting, which provides data on location and region by hour, day, week or month.

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Key Benefits

  • Count customers that enter your stores and determine optimal staffing levels for peak customer periods

  • Measure the number of customers that enter areas around a promotional end-cap to gain true marketing metrics and align stock levels

  • Measure staff based on retail conversions; reveal new store performance metrics

  • Use counting to better align security teams with actual store traffic

  • 3VR makes it easy for you to deploy on your existing 3VR NVR or HVR, manage the installation locally or from a central location, and maintain the solution with remote health checks

Counting Optimization

Count people, vehicles and other objects that pass through the camera’s field of view. Common applications include building/room/garage entrances and exits.

Uniform lighting across the line is ideal. Harsh backlighting (bright conditions) and changes in lighting may lead to inaccurate counting.

Object counting works with both analog and IP cameras at any resolution. Dynamic gain compensation should be set to the lowest level. Use wide dynamic range cameras for outdoor lighting situations.

Cameras should be mounted as close to straight overhead as possible.

Camera Field of View (FOV)
  • Ideal FOV is between 10 and 40 feet
  • Position cameras so that persons or objects travel in a straight path across counting lines.
  • Counting lines should not be set up on the outside edge of FOV
  • Lines obstructed by continuously moving objects (e.g. door, escalator, etc.), where people/objects cluster or where traffic flow comes to a stop, will lower counting accuracy.