Queue Management Analysis

Organizations can monitor customer lines at registers, door entry points, or return counters, and gather comparative metrics for different times of day at different locations.

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Video Analytics Queue Line Easily configure the system to alert and capture queue line lengths based on a minimum threshold, time of day, or marketing event.

Intuitive reports generated by the system helps you better understand peak activity by time and location for more accurate staffing and resource planning.

 Download 3VR Queue Management Analysis Reference Sheet

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Key Benefits

  • Set time, duration and interval to create a report or alert to improve performance of customer service

  • Reward employees for higher productivity

  • Evaluate operational performance of stores or regions based on easy to use reporting.

  • Add a visual dimension to business intelligence with location-based, hourly, daily, weekly and monthly analyses of actual customer behavior

  • Integrate the Queue Line analytic with POS data to evaluate the success of marketing campaigns

Queue Management Optimization

Queue Management Analysis can be located in overhead or side view locations where movement into and out of the location is clearly established.

Analog or IP cameras. For IP cameras, video quality must be set to “highest” (if there is no video quality setting, set to lowest compression). Use wide dynamic range cameras for outdoor lighting situations.

Uniform lighting is ideal. Outdoor lighting situations should employ wide dynamic range cameras. Backlighting (bright conditions behind the car) will negatively affect performance.

Choose either vertical or horizontal mounting option:
  • Vertical — Camera should be directly above the area to be monitored.
  • Horizontal — Camera should be mounted at the same height as the subject being monitored.
  • Diagonal (both at the side and above) mounting is not recommended.
  • Field of View — For accurate recognition of objects in the field of view should be 30 pixels high or greater.