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Reduce ATM Skimming! 5 Anti-Fraud Tactics You Need to Know

ATM Skimming Anti-Fraud Tips More financial institutions than ever are losing money to ATM fraud, it’s one of the banking industry’s fastest-growing crimes. Discover 5 anti-fraud tactics to protect your organization by tuning into our webinar, hosted by ATM skimming expert Detective Mark Solomon of the Greenwich Connecticut Police Department and 3VR’s Jim Hudson, VP of CrimeDex Services.

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Migrating from Analog to IP? 5 Secrets to a Successful Migration

Analog to IP MigrationLost in a sea of VMS, NVR and HVR solutions? Looking for a simple, scalable migration solution? Listen in to find intelligent solutions for your migration plan. You’ll learn how to keep your analog cameras while adding IP cameras as needed, ways to save time and money during your migration and why gathering business intelligence is a key consideration.

Watch here.

Integrating ATM & Teller Data with 3VR Video Intelligence Platform to Solve Crimes

Security Professionals workshop ATM & Teller dataDon’t settle for a traditional DVR when you can have video analytics, video storage, video management, and enterprise functionality all in one easy-to-use platform. Impress your organization when you suggest a platform that can find important video clips in seconds, can integrate with ATM and Teller data, and can limit losses and bank fraud that often steals 7% of annual company revenue from financial institutions.

Watch here.

Video Intelligence to Secure and Grow Banks and Retail Organizations
A Case Study with Aberdeen

Aberdeen Video AnalyticsVideo analytics not only help security organizations save valuable time by sifting through terabytes of video in seconds, they are also increasingly vital to the growth of banks and retail organizations across the country. New video intelligence analytics like Dwell Time and Queue Line Analysis are changing the way retail operations use video to improve performance. Aberdeen's IT Security analyst showcases trends shaping this new use of video surveillance systems and outline ways analytics improves productivity of security, sales operations and merchandising teams. Watch here.

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