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Do more than count your customers. Understand who they are.

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Why 3VR VisionPoint Analytics for Retail?

Learn how 3VR can take you to the next level with deep, real-time insights into shopper behavior and store operations. More


How It Works

Learn how 3VR uses video intelligence to help you optimize operations. More

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Here's how 3VR VisionPoint Analytics for Retail can help you:

video management software

Nearly 60% of merchants already tap video for loss prevention, according to the National Retail Federation. Advanced video intelligence technology can help take you to the next level with deep, real-time insights into shopper behavior and store operations. Using our best-in-class Video Intelligence Platform, 3VR VisionPoint Analytics for Retail offers you an end-to-end retail optimization solution. Combined with award-winning loss prevention features, the 3VR solution converts your brick-and-mortar location into The Intelligent Store. Now.

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Real Customer Insights, in Real Time

Customer service strategies are a top priority for 82% of retailers, according to a Retail Horizons 2012 report. 3VR VisionPoint and its comprehensive suite of customer analytics add a visual dimension to business intelligence, allowing merchants to quickly react to changes in customer demand in real time. Retailers can gain extraordinary insight into behavior, dwell times, queue lines and foot traffic. Learn more


‘Intelligent’ Information = Adaptive Decisions

To stay competitive with a growing variety of shopping alternatives, retailers must seek new ways to deliver the most value, revenue and loyalty. Merchants gain meaningful 360-degree overviews as well as specific analytic data through the customizable 3VR VisionPoint Dashboard. With easy access to 24-hour intelligence, retailers can adjust goals and move quickly to optimize operations and boost profits.


You’re Covered. 360°.

Visual retailing is exciting and abound with benefits, but no retailer selects technology without cost analysis. 3VR is the only end-to-end retail optimization solution for brick-and-mortar merchants. Current analytics solutions cost more for less and rarely have the expertise in loss prevention. 3VR solves the problem of tight budgets while advancing LP and business intelligence, all at a lower cost of ownership. Learn more

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Retail Analytics resources

How VisionPoint Analytics work:

3VR uses the power of Video Intelligence to allow retailers to optimize operations by responding quickly to customer needs and market trends.

What does Video Intelligence mean to you?


We mine your video streams
for actionable data.

3VR's Video Intelligence Platform combines video analytics, context integration and social intelligence to deliver the vital information retailers need to construct successful in-store displays, product placement, promotional offers and queue management strategies. Learn more


You pick metrics most useful
for your store.

Through a customizable dashboard, you can gain real-time, 360-degree visibility into your store operations across all shopping channels and adjust goals to maximize overall business performance.


You make customer-centric and
adaptive decisions.

Based on real-time intelligence fitted to their organizations, decision makers can quickly find answers to questions around comp-store sales, SKU profitability, queue efficiency, store layout and more, and then take the appropriate action to boost profits.


You get greater shopper satisfaction,
better overall in-store execution,
and more sales.

Contact 3VR at 877-387-6061 or retail@3VR.com to learn how you can optimize operations and boost shopper satisfaction by creating The Intelligent Store. Now.

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